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Motocross Kanjanaburi

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Hi to every body haven't been able to update lately as a lot on my plateermm.gif

so I got 10 more Rai from next week, so we building third Track what can be used together or separate,

every help or ideas are more then welcome my fitness Barn is also nearly completed so hopefully until end of the Year we got a lot more to offer.

we are on Facebook "Baan Rick"

I got now 1x KLX250, 1x YZ85, 3x YZ250F race ready for Rent the YZ125 is out of order at the moment but will be back on track in a few days.

I want to say thanks to everybody who support us and give us new Ideas.

so the plan for this Year is

1)to build 3 more bungalows

2)finish the light for the Track

3)build the Motocross track ( track No3)

4) finish the fitness Barn

plan for next Year is

1) Swimming pool

2) 3 more Bungalows

3) lots of more crazy Ideas for us big Children biggrin.gif

you can see some helm Cam stuff of me at YouTube "rickgyles"

keep riding

Rick and the rest

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Hi every body just want to let everybody know everything still going strong ;-) we finished the second Motocross Track also is Alan there now all the time to show you lots of nice Trails in our Area.

In December we going to have a Motocross Race with lots of Stuff to do apart from riding a bike.

for more Info check www.BaanRicky.com or Baan Ricky in Facebook.

To Matt Yes we got a nice Trail to Erawan now ;-)

To Chris Yes we fine just super busy LOL

take care everybody hope to see you soon.

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Hi annd well done with the track.

I am much more interested in Motorcycle Trials and have a Honda TLR 200 in Supanburi.It needs a few parts and new tyres.I used to ride it near Loie and had great fun.Tried to get tyres for it everywhere but no dealers came through in the end.

Many years ago I saw a trials event on thai tv part of a national series and even now have never managed to find out more about motorcycle trials in Thailand.

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Hi Happy New Year to everybody and Thanks for all the support,

here is a quick update what is going on at Baan Ricky now.

1) we got 2 Trial bikes now as well so very good to improve your basic with Clutch Balance Brake and so on

2) we finished the second Track

3) We finished the 2nd Bungalow

5) have a European chef now who run the Restaurant

6) Alan explored nearly 1000km of Trails around Baan Ricky for all levels

7) We got a Bouncy castle for the Kids

So if you have time and want to come for some riding or just come to enjoy a graet country side in Kanchanaburi Sai Yok Yai, like Waterfalls Hell-fire Pass Caves, Hot-spring just contact us I'm 100% sure you will have the time of your live ;-) Facebook "Baan Ricky" "Rick Gyles" or call 0892194868


chaiyapoon I can get you the Parts and Tyres if you can't get them

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