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Need Help Finding Old Friend


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Some 4-5 years ago my then best friend Dave Fouts died. I had been stationed with Dave at Ft. Monmouth NJ, Ft. Huachuca AZ, Ft. Buckner Okinawa (two tours), and in Thailand as well (he was stationed in Bangkok while I was stationed at U-Tapao Army Satellite Communications Station AND as Station Chief of the Army Microwave Commo Site at Sriracha Thailand.

After we both retired in the mid 1970's Dave married Bunrattana (Ann) Fouts and they lived in Pakanom (sp) area of Bangkok (Soi 89/1 Sukhuimvit for a couple years then moved to Klong Yai, past Trat on the way to Had Let and the Cambodian border where they built a large house with a nit-noy store front, and lived there very happily for some 10+ years or so.

My cousin and I last visited Dave and Ann in Klong Yai in 1995. After that time, Dave begged Ann to relocate to the U.s. (back to San Antono) but she just didn't want to live in the U.S. back then. She HAD come stateside with Dave on 2-3 occasions and just didn't like the lifestyle here or in Arizona where Dave's mom and dad lived.

Well Dave got deathly ill some 4-5 years ago and when he could not be helped by the doctor in Klong Yai, he went to the hospital first in Trat, then finally in Bangkok. By that time he was too weak to be helped so he died. (Luekemia).

Well, after he died, we received one letter from Ann stating how badly she wishes she had given in and moved back to San Antonio when Dave begged her to do so and that Lat and I and my cousin who'd visited with me in 1995 were her best and only farang friends.

Well, now my cousin, wife Lat and I are returning to Thailand full time (will be living in Chiayaphum and my cousin in Chantaburi with his longtime g'friend, but we'd like to re-establish contact with ANn and possibly have her visit us while we will be attending reunions in Pattaya Beach Oct 16-19 and Oct 25-30, 2005 or in Bangkok Oct 19-25.

The return address on the one letter we got from Ann was:

/ Moderators edit

/ Adresses and missing persons post are not permitted on thaivisa due to liablity

/from rules: Posting another members personal details or web site details is forbidden

/please PM kenandlat if you want to help and are in petchaburi

If any member of this forum has the time/inclination could you possibly stop by this address and see if anyone there knows or remembers Ann/Bunrattana and might have a current address and phone number for her.

Thanking y'all in advance,

Ken and Rattana Bower

San Antonio Texas, but soon to be Chiayaphum Thailand

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