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Tot Adsl Offer

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Hi All

Has anyone signed up for the ADSL offer with TOT?

My wife went and gave all our details at the office, and they said

they would send someone round to have a look. That was 4 weeks ago!!

If anyone has signed up, can you post some details here. I know there

are 3 monthly plans at 500bht 750 and 1000. The 1000bht offer is for 256/512.

Is this 1000bht the total monthly cost? I think you also have to buy your own modem from somewhere else. Which makes me think, how much of the

installation do they take care of? Also if there are problems? Will they help?

Your comments would be appreciated.

Noodles :o

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Same here mate ,was told I can get connected in 3 days & that was 2 weeks ago.

I am sure they supply the modem at an extra cost.What about TT&T filled in form 9 weeks ago & heard nothing.I wonder if this is how the parent company taught them how to do business.

Best of luck mate.

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TOT said solly no ADSL,

T&T said have it in two weeks.

That was 6 months ago.

It depends a lot where your location is.

Wifey phoned them again today and they

said they would be round to check the line to see

if ADSLwas possible at aour house in Chewang....

Perhaps we'll know in a couple of months :o:D:D

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  • 3 weeks later...

Very Very surprised this morning when we had aphone call

saying that TOT were looking for our house to check if it

was possible to use ADSL.

After being here two minutes they said it was ok. They gave us

a number to call for a modem, this company said they can deliver the

modem on tuesday. TOT said we will activate it for you on tuesday then.

Why does this sound tooooo good to be true....I'm keeping my fingers


TOT said installation is free but the modem costs 1600 bht.

I have opted for the 1024/256 kbps UNLIMITED at 1000 bht a month.

He also said that there are only 70 odd people subsribed to

ADSL in the chewang area.

Does this package sound ok??



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So far so good. Had modem installed today. Its a ZyXel Prestige

630-C. I don't know if this is any good?

Download speed is around 125kbps? Again don't know if this is

what it should be.

I will keep posting the progress


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