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Body Laser Hair Removal


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i reckon this is quite expensive in US/europe.

interested in - at least - having hair removal on my back (not too much there but still slowly growing.... :o )

is there anybody here who got experiences, Bkk prices, recommendations...?


Yes, I've had experience both at Bumrungrad Hospital and at Apex Skin Clinic. The latter has branches in Emporium, Siam Center, Future/Rangsit and several other places.

It works well if the hair is darker than the skin. It is necessary to have a minimum of 3 treatments about 2 months apart because different hairs grow in different cycles, although you'll see improvement from the first treatment. Most places sell packages of 3 or 5 treatments and price varies with size of the area involved. You're probably looking at something in the range of 10,000 BAHT total, more in soem places, less in others.

The two places I mention are at the upper end of the price scale. At the time I had it done it wasn't as widely available as it is today. Many smaller, less expensive private hospitals now offer it...try Phayathai 2 or Chao Phya. It's not rocket science and those places will be less expensive...but not much English spoken.

Note: contrary to what they often sa, it does hurt. Back area will be less painful than legs/upper lips, but still -- insists on a topical anesthetic (a cream they put on to numb your skin) and be sure it's on for 1 hour before they start.

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