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one powerball

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Hi everyone,

Fairly new to all this and I still remember when windows were what you looked out, a mouse was something the cat chased, a bite was what you took out of a pie and a hard drive was 3 hours on a bumpy road.

No matter what I do I can't seem to get an avatar downloaded. It keeps saying I can't do this or that. Can anyone talk me thru this using plain english for dummies.

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G'day mate, nice to see another sandgroper around :D

I presume you have got to the correct page to add your avatar? If not, click on my controls at the top of each page. The scroll down until you see edit avatar settings on the left hand side of the that page and click.

The avatar you want to upload cannot be any larger than 50k and 90 pixels by 90 pixels.

You will see a width and a height box, this is where you can change the physical size of your avatar to fit the 90 pixel by 90 pixel rule, or if your avatar is not square you can change the size so that it doesn't appear squashed. It might take a little playing around to get right.

If your trying to upload your avatar from the internet, perhaps try saving it on your hard drive and uploading from there via the browse function.

If that is still not enough information, try looking at these links that I found by using the forum search function.

avatar hints at thaivisa.com

Good luck, and feel free to ask many more questions...just remember one really important thing...

one powerball and I am outta here


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