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Carabao To Perform In Chiang Mai To Benefit The Thai Orchids Conservation Project


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Carabao to perform in Chiang Mai to benefit the Thai Orchids Conservation Project

Nopniwat Krailerg

A three hour concert featuring Carabao, Pu Pongsit Kampi and Baowee will be held at the 700 Years Stadium on February 5. In addition, 6 of the performers from the Academy Fantasia reality show will perform at the Mae Jo University Stadium.

The Foundation of Native Thai Orchids led by Gen. Picharnmek Muangmanee, 2nd from left, and Dr. Chao Duangduen na Chiengmai, 2ndfrom right, Chairwoman of the Chiang Mai Cultural Council, show some of the native orchids that the organization hopes to protect. With them is Itthiruth Sinthuraks, MD of CIA, right.

The events and a golf tournament are sponsored by the Foundation of Native Thai Orchids and the Creative in Action Company (CIA) to raise funds for the Thai Orchids Conservation Project initiated by Queen Sirikit.

According to Ittiroj Sinturat, Managing Director of CIA, the arrangements for the Carabao led Bao-Parn Concert have taken about 3 months. It is to be the north’s largest concert yet and Carabao’s biggest in recent years, with magnificent sound and light systems. The tickets for the Academy Fantasia concert are priced at 300 baht and for the Bao-Parn concert range from 200 baht, 300 baht and 400 baht.


-- Chiang Mai Mail 2010/01/05


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