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For the past three months we have been using a very talented and skillful and artistic "handyman" around our house. He can do anything and he does it all extremely well. Not only that, but he understands what farangs want and makes incredible recommendations on how things should be or can be done. He used to be very very busy, but with the way the economy has gone here, he is always looking for work. Right now he'll be tied up with us for at least another month - he's building a sala for us, complete with electrical fittings. He has built a couple of other things for us and we are extremely happy with what he has done. He charges by the day, but if its a big job, hecan give you a quote and will guarantee that the project will be within 5% either way. If anyone wants his name and telephone # - PM me and I'll gladly give you the number. I can also submit some pictures via email of some of the jobs he has done for us. He also speaks enough English to communicate with us non-Thai speakers. We were very very lucky to have him recommended to us by our friends.

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