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Interesting And Free Proposition For Small-Medium Business Owners

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I developing new software-hardware product.

It relate to consumer automation and interactive systems for improve business and customers convenience.

I want propose to business owners cooperation and free integration of this product.

Most of all I will do myself, so it will not make any great disturbance.

Hardware price is about 10k thb and it is from any it-shop, not from me.

My interest is to test and debug system on real application.

Places where it can be integrated: shops, bar, restaurant, hotel, condo, etc.

Prefered locations: Bangkok and 200km around (Pattaya, Rayong, Hua-Hin, etc.)

Pls contact me for more details or ask in this topic.

PS. Dear moderators, this is not advertisement, because it is free proposition.

If you think this is something other, then pls let me know (but do not ban).

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It is really free and convenient to use. Even hardware price can be 2 times less if have some parts already.

I read about restaurant in Israel increase sells by 10-15% with something like this.

It can give your business competitive advantage, also attract more international customers, save money on printing media and easy promote new product and services.

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