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English To Thai Translation


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I was asked by a Thai friend to find someone to translate some technical text into Thai. This is this kind of Engineering language in English which I think is very difficult to translate. He sent it to some Thais in the States but they couldn't translate it either.

Anybody out there who could do that and what is the price frame for this job, lets say approx. six pages out of a book?

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Could you post a sample paragraph and/or what kind of engineering? Aviation? Industrial? Aerospace?

It's about repair and maintenance of concrete.

© Concrete Cracking and Other Damage in Canal Linings. -- (1) Sealing joints and random cracks. -- Since cracks in concrete lining are generally caused by or associated with dimensional changes or movement of the slab, it is essential to seal them with a material that will remain flexible and bond to the concrete. This is mandatory if a canal is to be essentially watertight ...

Translation of graphic figures description. ... Figure 191 illustrates a typical groove. ...

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