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Looking For Pinking Shears


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i am not an expert but I think what you need is a sewing supplies shop.

There is a big one, well stocked in the Khao San Road area. Orient yourself on Khao San road or the street next to it called Rambuttri. Go toward the river which means go west to Chakrapongse street.

There is a department store on this street, which is a big busy street with a lot of travel agencies, jewellry shops, food stands, etc.

You should get a thai friend to write out sewing supplies shop in thai for you.

On the ground floor on a long counter on the left side they sell many sewing instruments. this place looks like what we call a department store in America, although it coonects through a side door with a supermarket.

(If you are knowledgeable about making clothes and fashion, you can contact me through pm because this is a hobby of mine too and I work on projects, especially with velvet.)

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Plus many of "The Mall"'s have sewing/haberdasherie dept.'s which would likely have some.



Why don't you get up of your backside and wander around and look for:

Pinking shears

Case to carry fashion jewellery

PVC plate

Supermarket around Fraser Suites Sathorn

If you are too lazy to do these small things then learning Thai at the Walen Thai School is definitely way beyond you.

Your bridge beckons.... it's lonely under there without you!!!

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