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Padded Envelope - Small


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Currently I am looking to buy some bubble padded post packs in bangkok.

The ones from the post office are 12 baht each but way too big. 23cm x 18.5cm.

and the ones from Tesco are 15 Baht and same size......I am looking for some about half that size and in hundreds. Any idea's?

About 12cm x 14cm or there abouts would be fine...

I know Australia Post sells them in that size but pretty sure they buy them outsourced......and it works out too expensive to get them via OZ.

Seems like a waste to continually send something so big when I dont need that size, waste of paper, bubbles and postage costs?

If someone knows let me know...

Blessings and smiles,


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There's definitely a market gap (don't know if that means the market is there or not though) for a better mailing/packaging supplies manufacturer ala Uline in the US. Could put it together myself but the last thing I want to do is build another business from the ground up.


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there are some solutions:

- look in stationary shops for small padded envelope;

-when you are in Singapore or HongKong buy them there from local post office(with printed "SingPost""HongKongPost"),they are very light,easy to carry:

-you can cut big one into smaller,cutting in half - very simple job,you need paper cutter and glue.

-buy roll of bubbles,some strong paper,get few local ladies,tell them what to do - pay them;sell the product,you will have reason to apply for biz/investment visa!

I use solution no.3;no.2 is confusing for thai post office workers.

Have a nice day!

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There are small bubble lined envelopes in our post office.

Suggest you buy evelopes of the size you wish and buy some bubble wrap, no bubble wrap !!! stuff it with toilet paper thats cheap.:rolleyes:

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