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Buying A Motorbike Here In Thailand.


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I want to buy a 2nd hand motorbike so popped down to the motorbike market in Chiang Mai

today to check them out.

One thing that struck me was I couldnt be sure about the mileage showing on the bike.

If it was for eg, 9,012 kilometres how can I be sure it isnt actually 109,012 ?

Is the state of the bike the only way to make a educated guess at it ?

Im after a Honda Dream / Wave 100 or 125cc (original I know) to run around

on and if anyone has any helpful pointers as to what to look

out for when buying a 2nd hand version id be grateful.


when buying one what do I need to aqyire of the owner ?

Is it just the book and a photocopy of his/her ID card ?

Or something else ?

Thanks in advance for any helpful answers.

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