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Car Rental In Mukdaharn


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Anyone know if i can rent a car in Mukdaharn for 2 days only.Pick up Friday about 6pm on the 8th October 2010 and drop back Sunday about 7pm on the 10th October 2010. I would welcome any comments Pat.

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Nobody has anything to say about renting

a car in Mukdaharn no?

Sombody sent me an e mail saying Budget

can but i would have to

collect car and leave car back to

Ubon Ratchathani which is a 3/4

hour drive, or it could be delivered to

Mukdaharn for 5000 Baht. +cost of renting.

can anybody help?

I think thats very expensive.

Thanks in advance anyway. Pat

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I've used Toyota in Mukdahan several time's to hire a vehicle(042 611047),it;s owed by a nice Scottish Lady.

I have even dropped off a vehicle on sunday,just pre-arrange it and it;s not a problem(she was there on a Sunday)

This is the only self drive Car hire in Mukdahan because alot of vehicles disappear over the Border into Laos.

cheers Maz

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