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Our next get together will be at the Metropole Hotel in Phuket Town.

Sunday 26/09/2010 meeting at 12 noon in the foyer, if you come and are late ask the cashier in the restaurant where we are seated.

Lunch starts at 11.30 AM and finishes at 2 PM.

Its a international buffet with a choice of two soups western/Asian the main meal has a choice of at least 15 different dishes

Fresh fruit and desserts tea and coffee, all for the princely sum of 211 baht

Its very popular so i would not arrive to late as they start to run out of some items on the menu

Even if you are not interested in socializing its worth going, i think its the best value for money buffet i have had anywhere

in the world, its available every day 11.30 AM to 2 PM

The hotel is situated on the large roundabout with the clock in Phuket town, its the tallest building white with blue stripes.

Plenty of parking at the rear of the building and rear entrance in the corner of the car park

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Just a reminder about lunch tomorrow.

When i first posted about forming a social group the usual stalkers on this forum set out to rubbish the idea,

Then you get people trying to promote there own venues or those of friends, that's not what its about.

Its about making new friends who you like and enjoy the company of and will enjoy there company at Barbecues,

holidays etc.

We are going to Western Australia in November and renting a 2 berth camper (Winnebago type vehicle) for 2 weeks

and just taking our time travelling around with no set destination each day, there are always caravan parks where

ever you go, if we decide to do it again next year there is no reason other people cannot join us

We did the same last trip but only rented a car and because we did not pre book our accommodation and arrived late

in the day sometimes had trouble finding somewhere to stop for the knight.

If we meet people interested in seeing Australia who we enjoy the company of there is no reason they cannot join as next year.

Also by next year i should have accommodation in Perth available to me anytime we go there and as long as friends want to travel

at the same time they will have free accommodation and tour guide, if you think hotels are expensive here check out Australia

it will make it a very cheap holiday.

The thing i enjoy most is a Barbecue at home with friends and i like nice people of all nationality's, i am not a racist.

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