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Thai Child Uk Visa

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my thai husband and his daughter who is 3 are applying for a UK settlement visa shortly. I know they have to fill in 2 VAF 4 forms and pay 2 fees, but on the under 18 section 4.26 and 4.27 it says to the child will you be travelling alone? the answer to that is no. so on section 4.27 it says if accompanied provide up to two adults who will accompany you. can my husband travel alone with his daughter or do i need 2 fly with them 2 make up the other adult?

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In the case of a visit visa it can be one or two adults but the name you put on the VAF must accompany the child. The passport number and name of the stated adult is put on the child's visa. If that person is not accompanying then the child will be denied boarding by the airline. In the case of settlement visa then the visa is normally endorsed something like " accompanying parents " or " accompanying father to join mother" Similarly, if the child is not accompanied by the stated adult, then he/she may be denied boarding depending on the circumstances.

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