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Cheap Mobile Phone Tariff !?


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I'm pretty unusual in that I only use my Mobile for the odd phone call, don't Text very often, if at all.

I've alway used AIS 12-Call , and use about 50 baht a week in calls.

My 'validity' is due to expire in a weeks time. I've never had problems before , but AIS seem to be big on this 'validity' thing. I suspect its going to become a pain , so I'm just asking wether anyone knows the best Tarrif available for me.

I've checked the Website and there are hundreds of different Tarrifs, I dont have enough hours in the day to check them all.

So if anyone's into Mobiles and happens to know an alternative I'd be grateful.

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I use my mobile even less than you!

About a year ago I topped up with I think, 500 baht because my grandson was visiting and he would be able to call the UK. I was due to top up again last July but because I had plenty of credit I didn't bother until last week when I topped up with 300baht. I am now nearly 500 baht in credit lasting until next January.

I am using AIS 1 to Call.

To get this low cost tariff I just went into Telewiz and asked them to put put me on a straight forward "no gimick" tarif for low usage.

Hope that helps! :) :)

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I'm not resident in Thailand, I also have a 1-2-Call chip, I top it up with 500 baht and it gives me 12 months of validity - particularly useful for infrequent visits. I think the calls might be a bit more expensive though.

Can't remember if it was a special SIM card, or a special tariff - the staff in Telewiz should be able to help you. If they say it can't be done, ask them to call the help centre.

Last time I topped it up the staff called the help centre, and I think they checked the tariff package to make sure it worked. I topped the SIM up in late December last year, and it's good until this December.

Good luck

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