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Work Permit, Extension And Some Questions

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2 questions for our gurus and experienced members!

I soon may get a job as IT in a Thai Bangkok company which can already afford a work permit. But, as that would be their first one, I have 2 questions:

1> Even having a chair and a table in their office, I would mostly be "on the road" supporting customers and visiting prospects, from Bangkok to as far as Chiang Mai or Phuket. I know they will have to fill my "place of work", how then should it be?

2> They intend – with my agreement – to pay me a low (under 40k) salary, but to give commission / percentage on my work first, and if everything goes well, on my team's work. I am already on a "married to a Thai" extension and I don't intend to change. Next year, I would not be able to prove an absolute 40k per month, but to prove more then 40k*12 on a year. Is that a problem?

Any suggestion or advice is more than welcome,


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Ask the labor office, it will probably be the location of your office. But the job description should make it clear that you visit clients all over the country.

Showing an average salary of 40,000 a month should not be a problem.

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Your work location should be the office where you are based; the work description in your Work Permit can cover that you are moving around through the regions.

Definitely a good idea to stick with the Extension of Permission to Stay - based on Marriage to a Thai - it's much, much easier on the paper work and this way your stay is still covered if you leave your job (or if it leaves you!).

As regards your income, when you extend next year, immigration will look at your annual personal income tax return (ภงด.91) and receipt; so providing you have paid a total amount of tax equivalent to 40,000 THB income per month everything will be fine.

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