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Scrap Yard On Samui


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Is there a car scrap yard on samui where I can buy car parts ? I don't really want to pay for new parts , as the amount of crashes on the samui and write off's must be huge !


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Hi Boater.

I've often needed odd parts and have been keeping an eye out for a scrap yard - but AFAIK there's nothing on Samui. Repair shops have to go to Surat when used bits are needed.

I had someone smash my driver's window last year - breaking in I suppose but I can't imagine what for, it's a 16 year-old Suzuki jeep (and the back door was open anyway!)

I took the car to my local car-shed and the guy got me a used piece of window glass for 800 baht, which I was most chuffed about. Right now I need a window-winder handle and have been quoted 800 baht new for this!

Why not ask your local grease-monkey to find what you want and give you a price before he gets it?

Other than that it's a day spent with your Thai translator and experimenting with taxis in Surat! Let me know when you find one!! (And get me a winder while you're at it ...)


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