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Over Staffing...


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It's long been my contention that the reason staff come lurking over your shoulder or in your face when you pause for thought in the mall is because there is simply too many of them. Well that might be so but at least when there is an emergency there are plenty of people on hand to help you out.

Now today it seems that someone had been "on hand" in the bed promotion display...literally. Some punter had spilled his fluids over a very nice mattress and cover on one of the most expensive beds. He must have been, overcum?

Anyway, all hands to the pump! the staff rallied round and got stuck in. They moved the mattress to another bed out of the centre stage (how could a guy have spilled the "beans" centre stage, perhaps he was a pro?) and did the only decent thing to do. I mean it was a sizable stain and of course they don't want to send a customer home with a big stain on their mattress right? So their solution?

BLOW DRY IT!!!!!! I shit you not.


And you can see they didn't take any chances. The dryer operator was suitably supervised. Can't take any risks with a job of this magnitude. :huh:

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haha was with a friend at homepro picking up lawn chairs, hes a tall guy, not overweight, but 95 kilos. He tested one chair and it broke, not to be discouraged they had him try another to the same result. There must have been 7-8 staff all standing around "soorry sir, you still want buy?"

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One of the things which has always endeared me to Thailand...why employ one competant person to do a job when you can have 6 incompetants doing the same job...:lol:

Too true. It's a never ending source of entertainment. :lol:

I guess I just see the humour in everything. :D

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I would like to see the resume (CV) bullet points describing that accomplishment!

For example --

Strategized high temperature toxic biohazard spill fabric recovery project


I now know who to call for input when I need to update my resume.

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Have you ever seen them put up the stalls up at PatPong market? Every body working to a purpose, not a spare junket in sight, forklifts, metal cases, poles and banners and not a Health & Safety Officer in sight.

An education in mayhem, it reminded me of the film 'Saving Private Ryan', when a friend got caught amongst the chaos shouted 'Whats the rallying point', I replied 'anywhere but here'.

Yes they are all lazy ne'erdowells, fair play to them.

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