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Cat Hinet Adsl Consumer Or Premium Any Good In Bangkok?


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It seems that for my office I only have the choice between TOT ADSL and CAT Hinet ADSL.

I already have TOT ADSL 8 Mbs at home in the same area and it is not great, many problems with Skype after 4pm.

So I am inclined to give CAT Hinet ADSL a try.

But they can only offer me 4Mbs down/1Mbs up due to the distance from their connection point.

The consumer package would cost me 790 Baht a month

Premium package 3490 Baht / month

Any experiences with those packages?

Would that be better than TOT?

My main usage is international web surfing, web downloads, VoIP, Skype, occasional VPN.

Cheers, Farrol

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