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Happy Dtac Messaging


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Happy cell rage.

This may sound rather petty although personally find it annoying and frustrating.

My Laos girlfriend and I are bombarded by Happy messages (up to 7 per day sometimes) going over the top, since' these annoying texts are sent at ANYTIME within a 24 hrs period. I don't no whether we've been picked out as special candidates for this onslaught given that before was only subjected to around 1-2 per day. Now I don't have a clue if some space cadet at Dtac control nominates certain numbers to plague at random or by choice.

It does tend to get on one's Tits if in the process of making an sms message at the given time or being wakened during the night about some FANTASTIC promotion. To me I find this an intrusion of privacy and don't really have a clue whether we are ever charged for these invasions.

Is there anyway to stop this completely or is it another part of - Mai bpen rai ?

If so - still does my Headin'' !!!!

Unhappy Dtac customer.

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Did as you said.

Thanks, hope that ends that chapter.

Can't understand why it costs anyone to call them to turn off their annoying crap paid at our expense ?

Must admit though, getting used to it. Just moved into a new service apartment 2 weeks ago and had

to pay for a new cold tap in the bathroom that fell apart ? In any normal country that would surely be

included in the rent/services charge, or am I just being an arrogant moaner ?

Need to try and keep my sanity intact losing the plot out here - lol

Thanks again

contact the call center Ask them to turn it off.

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have to remember that one. my nokia for some unexplained reason keeps the display lit all the time before the user manually closes the message. so if you get one in your pocket the battery is bled dry two hours later. drove me nutters

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