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National Bank Mulls Reduction Of Regional Transfer Fees

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National Bank Mulls Reduction of Regional Transfer Fees

The Bank of Thailand and the commercial banks in the country have agreed to lower the regional transfer fees, which could be in effect immediately once the comprehensive study is completed.

Governor of the Bank of Thailand Tarisa Wattanakes has announced that the commercial banks in the country have agreed to lower of the regional transfer fee.

The banks will have to wait until a comprehensive study is completed before they can determine exactly how much can be lower to ensure fairness for the service providers and the customers.

Tarisa has pointed out that the commercial banks have agreed that some of the transfer fees could be reduced due to lower cost of doing business compared to the past.

However, the governor of the national bank said that a comprehensive study for the exact data must be completed before any next step could be taken.

Tarisa added that the national bank will conduct a survey among the commercial banks, asking for their opinions on the topic.

The commercial banks must respond by September 24, which could be postponed given the large amount of detailed information regarding the proposal.

Prior to this, the Bank of Thailand has agreed to implement the single, flat-rate 12 baht fees for all small inter-bank transfers.

The new rate will be in effect from December 15 of this year.

However, the regional transfer fee is a major issue and requires thorough consideration from all sides.

At the same time, Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij said that more information regarding the the banking fee adjustment will be available in the week after the national bank and the commercial banks have agreed on the single, flat-rate for transfers made at the service at the branches.


-- Tan Network 2010-09-21


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Another good result from Tarisa, it is a great pity this very capable woman is being retired.

But can any of you Brits around here imagine if Merv "expect inflation to reach target in twelve months" King would even consider looking at bank fees, or, if he did, any of the Great British Wanks, would listen? The UK Wanking Industry provides the worst, most expensive and most arrogant disservice in the universe.


Well over a decade of living in Thailand and constant improvement.clap2.gif

And for the UK politicians and bankers?jerk.gifjerk.gifjerk.gif

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