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14 Year Old Girl’S Party Receives 21,000 Facebook Confirmations


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14 year old girl’s party receives 21,000 Facebook confirmations

A 14 year old girl is in a whole world of trouble after mistakenly inviting the entire Facebook population to her party.

Rebecca Javeleau, from Harpenden in the UK, initially invited just 15 friends to the October 7th event, which has since been cancelled. However, the event quickly began to circulate amongst the wider Internet community. Before long, Rebecca had over 21,000 guests ‘confirmed’, including fake profiles in the name of celebrities such as Stephen Hawking, Justin Bieber and the legendary Rick Astley.

Needless to say, Rebecca’s mother, was less than impressed. The party was promptly cancelled, but the family fears that their home may still be swamped with unwelcome visitors, as has happened in similar cases where parties were advertised on Facebook. Local police are preparing for the worst and will be stepping up patrols around the area in an effort to prevent a catastrophic home invasion.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Rebecca’s mother, Tracey Livesey, said:

She did not realise that she was creating a public event and should have done. She is going to have to change her mobile phone SIM card because of the number of calls she has been getting about it. Rebecca did not understand the privacy settings and she has lost her internet as a result of that – I’ve taken away her computer so she won’t make that mistake again.

Despite the official event having been cancelled on Facebook, a number of related events – likely work of internet pranksters – soon sprang up, including a pre-party, after party and ‘hang over party’.

In a dry statement, a Facebook spokesperson said:

When someone creates an event on Facebook it clearly says ‘anyone can view and rsvp (public event)’. If you leave this checked then it is a public event so anyone can view the content and respond

Read more at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/facebook/8012043/Girl-14-fears-21000-party-guests-after-Facebook-invite-blunder.html

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Facebook sucks.... If you read the small printed privacy policy they write that your data will be stored and used. US officals use this data for screening..... The privacy settings you can do yourself are only on the surface.

Nevertheless, I feel sorry for the girl and her mother shouldn't cancel internet, she should take some time to teach

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I have been asked so many times by Thais for my facebook details and when I tell them I don't have facebook, they always look very strangely at me & my thai isnt good enough to express my exact reasons for not having it...fekk I even find that hard to express in english.

I am virtually the only person I know that doesnt have facebook, except somre really old people I know etc.

I wonder what other private information that girl has shared with the world ?

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I am virtually the only person I know that doesnt have facebook, except somre really old people I know etc.

No you are not. Many people did not sign up initially because of privacy concerns. Those concerns have now been confirmed in epic ways.

Also, for some oddball reason, facebook users freely add their most private details and share it indiscriminately, however, these same users voice security concerns when signing up anonymously for other websites/systems online.

Also, another interesting tidbit for everyone to consider (and this goes for most "free" services provided by large companies).

Do you think you are the customer of those sites? Or do you think you are their product?

If you think about it for a minute, you will perhaps come to the conclusion that you are indeed their product. Not only is your personal information sold to advertisers, but your behavior online is mined so you can be targeted/singed out/profiled. Even worse, you do not know who has access to your data/behavior - consequently you do not know if the data being used maliciously - and if you ask, you are told to ^%$! off in no uncertain terms.

Happy facebooking.

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