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Chaweng Beach Cesspool

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Has anyone been on Chaweng Beach in the last few days? The water is dark green to dark brown with yellow bubbles and starting to smell like a sewer. I met some college swimmers here on a holiday and they were complaining that they couldn't swim in it. The waverunner mafia said because of all the recent rain the sewers were backed up and being diverted into the ocean. Can anyone check on this and see if it's true?

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I am on chaweng beach every day and I was just commenting to a friend today how great the water looks at this time of year. I think you are talking about an isolated area.

The area is from the Centara Hotel north about .5km. Crusty may be right about the algae, so I will take a water sample today. Last year the water turned black and it turned out to be algae. This year it seems to be bubbling with a smell.

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