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Phuket Hospital Appeals for Respectful Conduct from Russian Patients


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47 minutes ago, Andre0720 said:

''Multilingual signage and information brochures: Providing clear instructions and information about hospital procedures in multiple languages, including Russian, can help manage patient expectations and avoid misunderstandings."


One loaded precedent...

How many languages, how many procedures?


Oh yes, the procedure about giving your name at the reception, getting a cue number, and waiting for your turn.

All these confusing steps that people of different culture and language seem to understand by intuition....


I've seen kiosks in other countries where a person can key in their question in their own language and request an answer in a specific language and in one case (in China) the question and the answer also appeared on screen in Chinese characters. And there was a button to get a print out of all the languages involved in that query. 


In reality just basic translation work and no brainer printing.


Many / most translation providers (e.g. Google) nowadays include translations for all / 99% of the languages across the whole world. 

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A loading on rude customers is quite common in other countries. I remember my father saying in the 1960s in NZ that this happened when householders were rude to workmen in or around the house.


No reason the Russians (and anyone else!) shouldn't get a 10% or 20% loading on their bill for bad behaviour. And this should be mentioned in the 'Information' brochure they should be given - in multiple languages - before treatment begins. If the patient is out to it, then brochure goes to the caring person or persons accompanying.

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