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Bhum Jai Thai Launches Its Push For Amnesty Bill


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Bhum Jai Thai launches its push for bill

By The Nation

Minor parties back move but PM and Pheu Thai express doubts

BANGKOK: -- The Bhum Jai Thai Party kicked off a campaign yesterday to support an amnesty bill, despite mixed responses from its allies.

At Bhum Jai Thai headquarters, the party headed by de facto leader Newin Chidchob, organised an event to promote the bill, supported by about 50 people wearing red and yellow shirts. Four trucks were ready to carry them across the country.

Newin has also written a book titled "Why Amnesty Is Needed", to be handed out as part of the drive for signatures to support the bill. The campaign will start tomorrow at Victory Monument.

Newin, who spearheads the amnesty drive, estimated around 100,000 would support the bill.

Meanwhile, Banharn Silpa-archa, de facto leader of Chart Thai Pattana, also voiced support for the bill, saying most red- and yellow-shirt protesters had not committed any crime and should benefit from a pardon. But he opposed granting amnesty to people who were masterminds of trouble.

"Will we let the country go on like this? How can we dissolve the red and yellow shirts? Can we unite people in the country? Can we offer relief or ease the suffering of the people?" the former prime minister said.

Banharn said the amnesty bill had nothing to do with the government. He supported the bill after talking to Bhum Jai Thai leaders a week earlier. He thought the bill wouldn't affect government stability although the ruling Democrat Party didn't agree with it.

The Chart Thai Pattana Party yesterday resolved to support the bill and its MPs will put it to voters to get their opinion.

The Pheu Thai Party yesterday resolved to oppose an amnesty bill although it agreed with a reconciliation plan, spokesman Prompong Nopparit said.

"The Bhum Jai Thai Party has a hidden agenda in proposing the bill. The bill would facilitate only some groups, such as police and military who dispersed the protesters, but not individuals and the country," Prompong said.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva reaffirmed his stance on not supporting the amnesty bill. He said that if the goal was to help people believed to have been wrongly charged, the authorities should first be instructed to review the cases to determine if there were mistakes.

Deputy Prime Minister Sanan Kachonprasart, who vowed to mediate with all sides, will today meet People's Alliance for Democracy leaders at Baan Phra Arthit to discuss reconciliation.


-- The Nation 2010-09-22

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<STRONG>Why does Thailand have laws in the first place when politicians grant amnesty to murderers, theives, you name it, whenever they feel like it. This abuses the RULE of LAW.</STRONG> <STRONG> The latest move to grant ammnesty to people who killed police, soldiers, civilians with grenades coming FROM the red shirt side only, burnt and robbed shops n stores at the red shirt rally, smells of money changing hands, like everything in Thai politics. By the way, did you notice there was never a grenade thrown against the red shirts n they say they were unarmed. We know that was a load of lies. But, like Hitler once said. Tell a lie long enough n the people will beleive it. J.P, is very good at this.</STRONG>

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A blanket amnesty would seem to eliminate any legal penalty for the law breakers. The PM's suggestion for officials reviewing those charged, for any mistakes of charges, may work, if those officials are not a part of the group who made the initial charges.

I would imagine many of those held, were arrested on video/camera evidence, and witness accounts. Those who are being held on questionable evidence could be reviewed by legal officials acting in a Public defender role.

Looks like a simple solution could be found which would not require another legal bill. Isn't the Judicial system of Thailand, there to handle this type of individuals and their actions?

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Amnesty - with what sunset clause or cap? This is just another way to sweep all the corruption and violence under the carpet! No wonder Newin reckons he can get 100,000 signatures. Everyone would be lined up to sign.

I for one would bury it and hold the whole bloody lot accountable. Traitors all to this country and hiding behind politics to gain parliamentary immunity. Low lifes of the highest order.


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Those old dinosaurs are trying to get their snouts and trotters into the trough of money that comes with the job of an M.P. here in Thailand.

The scent of money which is indeed a rare aroma at this moment in time is turning the dinosaurs group into a feeding frenzy to the detriment of the Thai people and Thailand in general.

Hey Dinosaurs.

The rest of this world is going forward not backwards. You can't stave off your extinction for too much longer.

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