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Readers with pets (not just dogs as the name suggests) may be interested in the "Dog Enjoy" shop on 3rd Road, on the right hand side about 300 metres before reaching Central Road. This shop has an extraordinary range of pet food/snacks/toys etc, and certainly the tinned and dry food is cheaper than anything I have found in Pattaya or Naklua. The shop is 3 units wide, and has a good large sign (in English) outside.

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Yep, if it's the same place we found a few months ago. Cages & stuff on the sidewalk in front... Great shop- very full of many products, cluttered really, & reasonable prices. My girlfriend went wide eyed-wild finding stuff for our Shih Tzu. The lady there was extremely pleasant, too. We wish them continued success.


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do they stock wholistic dog food? like that "wild salmon, fresh bison" type foods, typically coming out of California.

:cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy:

.. Your Joking Right??

Do people really feed "dogs" like that?

Seems to me most dogs eat like Mr Creosote..."in a bucket!"..couldn't tell a Bison or Salmon from offal and rice....

...well suppose it's not a lot different from our shepherd eating bananas...but only if we peel 'em first :lol:

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