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Phuket Town Welcomes Full Moon Tonight


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Phuket Town welcomes Full Moon tonight


One of the many local students taking part in three days of

activities welcoming the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Moon in Phuket Town.

PHUKET: -- A Satree Phuket School student presented a “Moon Goddess” costume as part of a fashion show on the first night of the Moon Festival celebration September 20 at Queen Sirikit Park in Phuket Town.

The three-day celebration, officially celebrated by the municipality for the first time this year, ends tonight with a Moon Worship ceremony starting at 8:45 pm to welcome the full moon.

Hopefully attendees will have a chance to view the Mid-Autumn Moon, which is at its biggest and brightest this month – when not obscured by cloud cover.

The Meteorological Department’s forecast for the 24-hour period starting at noon today calls for partly-cloudy conditions and scattered thundershowers covering 40% of the area.


-- Phuket Gazette 2010-09-22

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