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What'S That Scooter Shop In Pattaya


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Today I drove past a scooter shop on Sukhumvut between, I think, Pattaya Tai and Teperasit. On theleft if heading out of town towards Sattahip.

Lots ofshiny scooters inside and out. But I couldn't stop to look.

Anyone knowwhat they are?



Chinese probably but......

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there are a couple moped shops where you describe and they all carry Yamaha and Honda (typically). are you referring to the Honda PCX?

I did think this was one of the big four it definitely looked more PGO or Kymco, but I was driving .

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There are no dealers between Pattaya Tai and Thepprasit.

There are several after Thepprasit, starting with the large one before True Value with a large tented display area and the main building set some way back. Japanese bikes, scooters, jet-skis, etc.

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