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Can Anyone Translate This Please?


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TOM-NAM-NAA. (my phonetics my not be correct but thats what I hear!)

My GF says it to me often (as a joke!) I know its not exactly polite but i dont know what it means. She speak little English and I speak less Thai (but we are both working on it!) I'm guessing it has something to do with water bwcause of 'NAM'

Many thanks for any help!

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There are probably two meanings for "som nam na" - it serves you right.

1, When the phrase is used by the one who dislikes or hates you, it implies that he/she(the speaker) is happy/satisfied when you are suffering with something bad happened to you. And you will hardly hear the phrase i.e. the hater never speaks before you / in public.

2. If used by your sweetheart or confidant, it is just a joke or tease. You will hear him/her uttering it before you.

In your case, I assume it is of item 2.

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