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Thailand's Manufacturing Production Index (MPI) Rises For 10th Straight Month In August

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MPI rises for 10th straight month in August

BANGKOK: -- Thailand's Manufacturing Production Index (MPI) rose for the 10th consecutive month in August by 8.67 per cent compared to the same month last year with an average production capacity standing at 64.03 per cent, according to the Industrial Economics Office (IEC).

IEC Deputy Director-General Somchai Harnhirun revealed key industries which contributed to the MPI expansion include vehicle and air-conditioner production, and fish processing.

Vehicle production and sales in August increased 44.9 and 39.6 per cent respectively year on year due both to Thailand's domestic and global economic recoveries.

Thailand's domestic automobile market rose in part because foreign carmakers introduced new models as alternative choices for consumers. Simultaneously, farmers had more power of purchasing vehicles due to the improved agricultural product prices.

Air-conditioner production and sales rose 62.6 and 47.4 per cent consecutively year on year as producers continued to introduce new models to the market in response to global economic recovery.

Most producers focused on developing quality, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly products.

He said that domestic air-conditioning manufacturers are highly capable and in a position to produce products as specified by Thailand’s trade partners, particularly the United States and the European Union which imposed many strict measures to protect their consumers.

Regarding fish processing, production and sales rose 3.4 and 7.4 per cent as the demand for canned tuna and sardines, frozen shrimp, and frozen fish continued growing in tandem with the recovery of the world economy.

In addition, entrepreneurs expanded exports into new markets such as Russia. (MCOT online news)


-- TNA 2010-09-29

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