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Suggestions About What To Do, Or Not To Do Re: Renting A Condo


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I'll be in Chiang mai, arriving between the 21st of Nov and December 1st and staying 80-90 days.

I'd like to rent a condo and found one not too far away from the old city. It seems very nice, on the 6th floor, has a stove/oven, a/c, pot/pans and a washing machine.

But questions come to mind such as: Do people only rent from the 1st of the month to the end, or is it just as likely that I can rent (if available) from the 21st to the 21st three months later?

What is the norm for payment on a three month rental? First and one month deposit, or all three months at once.

If I do give a deposit, and the renter does not want to return it am I just screwed?

I own an apartment house myself, and any renter would be lucky to have me as a tenant as I usually leave a place cleaner than I got it.

I was thinking of having a friend go and see it and if she likes it, I'd lock it in...

Any suggestions as to the norms and what "not" to do would be appreciated.

Oh, my budget is 9-12,000/B/month.


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I don't think there's a washing machine, but Pacific Mansion has top floor rooms with kitchens. I thought having a kitchen would be great at first, but, after discovering it's much cheaper and easier to let others cook, shop and clean, I'm now spending half as much on a room without kitchen. PM dates your stay from the day of arrival there. Don't know about others.

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