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Hp Compaq Presario Cq45 102Tu


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I asked a while ago about a fault...it starts up and goes to the 'Log in' page..but nothing is on the screen...but ok when plugged in to my TV and I can us it that way.

So I went to HP Today, they said that it needs a new screen as the cable is not a 'plug in connector" to the screen..they wanted 13K Baht plus to change it.

Now the screen is a 14.1" WXGA 1280*80 Brighview.

We called in a shop and they said 4K Baht but didn't specify what screen.

So what would be the going rate please for a screen and cable change. Is it possible for someone to disconnect the cable from the screen and fit a new cable.

I don't think that I really need the same quality of scree.

I live near Ngam Wong Wan Mall, can anyone recommend any particular shop in that area.


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It's all sorted now...1000 Baht for a new screen cable...no idea if I paid a lot or not...probably did, so made some little Thai guy happy. So all working. A wire had broken in the cable...really poor design from what I could see.

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