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Here Are The New Figures

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Some new #'s have just come out on Chem usage in Asia. Here are the approximate numbers as I recall from an article a little while ago. Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia total together about 1000 different kinds of Chemical usage on their farms. Now for the big bad nasties of the world, China, they use over TEN times the amount of chems than those countries. Over 10,000 different kinds! Is it possible? Thank your lucky stars that we live in Thailand and don't have to eat the food produced from China (that's too often as a lot of the markets are selling Chinese produce now. Be careful but at least if you buy Thai foods you will know that they use nowhere near the amount of chems on the farms as the Chinese. they use only 23 different kinds. ooops typo there that is twenty three thousand different kinds of Chems in farming and that is not a typo. Bon appetite.

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