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"Marriage" Visa Requirements

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I'm currently starting the process of extending my non-imm "O" into a "Marriage" Visa. My local immigration office is Nakhon Phanom, from where I picked up the checklist called "List of documents ... In Case Of Supporting Thai Spouse". The lady there was very pleasant and helpful (and I was with my Thai wife), but in the Thai way of things, it started to get vaguer the more I tried to pin down exactly what is required of me. Most of it is clear (-ish), and I'm sure can get everything and anything required, if I only know what it is.

BUT - three requirements are still baffling (even after - or perhaps because of - having them explained to me by a Thai):

ITEM 8: "The applicant's testimony record"

ITEM 9: "The applicant's Thai spouse's testimony record"

ITEM 14: "A report of investigation of truth finding on the above claims by the provincial immigration office or local police station"

What are these documents? Where do I get them?

Also - I was told to bring the Head of my wife's village with me when I file the application. I questioned this (there's no mention of this anywhere), but she insisted on it. It won't be a problem - just an inconvenience - but I wondered if anyone could shed any light on this as a legal requirement?

If you've been through this, please share your knowledge with me! I only want to get it exactly right so as little time is wasted as possible. Nakhon Phanom is about an hour's drive away, and the less I have to make it the better!

Thanking you in advance -

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I go to Korat and this is the checklist I produced and have used for the last few years...

Translated Immigration instructions re Visa Ext based on marriage

Non Immigrant O Extension Based on Marriage / Documents needed:


Application form T.M. 7 with one photograph size 4x6 cm.

Visa Fee 1900.-Baht


Copy of passport ( with certified true copy ) 2 copy


Marriage Certificate 2 copy (Copy of marriage registration Papers (Kor Ror.3)


(Tabian Ban)Wife's house registration 2 copy


Wife's identity card 2 copy


Bank guarantee letter, signed by the bank manager, pick it up in the bank 1 day before


An updated Bank Book (updated on the same day as the bank guarantee paper),

Showing more than 400.000 (more than 3 month).


Evidence of the male farangs monthly income of 40,000 Baht.

Embassy letter if originating outside Thailand.

Tax receipts if from within Thailand.


Photos x 3: Include you and your wife in front of the house, then 2 others in/around your house. Bring photos from your wedding as well, it may also be good.

PLUS MAP OF THE HOUSE ADDRESS.( Hand draw,not google map )


Copy of photo page, visa page and entry/permit to stay stamp page.

Add copy of TM6 departure card. (1 copy is enough) Just sign each copy that is what certification means.

3 to 5 Wife signs all of these and you also sign marriage certificate (it has your name on it).

(only one copy needed)


Need copies of bank book pages also signed. Best to get an update on the day you go to immigration.


*Bring all originals you have with you just in case the officer would like to see them as well.

*The wife had to fill in 'back-up' papers in THAI (I think this is what you refered to as 'testomony papers')

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I have no idea what the 3 items are and can only guess.

When applying you are both interviewed and sign a statement. Could be that coupled with Immigrations report. Probably is.

Taking the Village Phuyai with you will be proof that you actually live together an Man and Wife. Buy him a bottle of whisky. It saves them the bother of having to come and visit.

My first application I had to take a neighbour to verify that we lived together.

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Correct - the desk officer fills out the first two and in your case the third will likely be a report of village headman saying you live together as husband and wife. Normally it is a requirement for local police to report or for immigration police to visit. But local police perhaps not keen on the extra work and immigration police are often far away so there have been recent requests for such 'witness' persons appearing with applicant - but it does not seem to be often yet.

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Does anyone know if the bank guarantee letter must come from the same bank branch where you opened the account?

I know there are a few banks in the Bangkok Immigration building.

No, but it also depends on the bank's policy. Some will only issue at the branch where you are a customer or require that you notify them a day in advance. Branches in the government building will in general issue. without any problem.

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