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Massage Bed Sheets


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Hi all.

First of all I would like thank everybody who replied to my "looking for a massage table" post.

You guys were very helpful and finally I bought a second hand massage table just like I wanted.

Now I'm looking for covers for the bed.

Does anybody know of a shop which sells them here in chiang mai?

I don't really care if they're disposable or re-useable - I just need them to be fitted, like these which are too expensive:


I also need covers for the head set - something like this:



cheers! :-)

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most people just use a single sized sheet and some clothes pins underneath at most to keep it in place.

There is a simple tie up the slack move that is probably the most common way.

You could have some modified to fit but really unnecessary. If there is some draping or overhang it's not going to shift around with any technique I have ever seen.

It's like 99% visual but how many people are going to be looking at your tables legs while your working on someone?

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If you would like fitted sheet, I think you have to get it made by a tailor.

You can simply use single sized sheet or big towel for the bed, and folded hand towel for the face cradle. Thats how we do in spa.

I got pic but dont know how to post it...:(:(

May I know where you bought the second hand portable bed? I am massage therapist and looking for one too.

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