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Us Embassy Interview Wait Times

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Hey guys,

I applied for a tourist visa for my girlfriend in Dec 2010 but we still can't book an interview date. Wait times on its website says 15days but its over a month now and its still fully booked till march. Everyday I log in and I've contacted the embassy and they only ask us to wait and keep trying. On the DS-160 form there was an Intended date of traveling which we filled in as January 25th 2011 will it affect her application since that date passed already?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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This same issue has come up in other threads. Many people have reported securing an interview slot between midnight and 3AM, since the Embassy tends to update then. my friends wife was running into the same problem a few months back and finally secured an interview logging in after midnight. This was not an issue last year (in January) when my wife scheduled her interview. Seems like this problem started around March 2010.

Good Luck!

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I was in the same boat...and in fact just got my wife's interview date yesterday around 8am Thai time. There were 4 open days in March!!!!Hey maybe there still some open? April dates were still booked...so go back frequently..I know its a hassle but the thing is crazy. I was checking late at night, 1am, 3am, mornings, afternoons....and why it opened in the morning I don't know...but don't give up...it took me almost 2 months!!! Good Luck!

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thanks for the info travel dog, i'm checking it round the clock hope can get this interview date settled. I was worried about the actual interview but just making an appointment is so difficult.... no use complaining anyway and good luck to everyone whose in the same boat as me :D

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