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Where Can Retiree Get Re-Entry Permit Besides Home (Samui)

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It seems every time I deal with Thai Immigration they mess up my life with incredible regulations I have to obey. Tried doing my yearly renewal at CM, and they sent me back to Samui ruining my plans, interrupting a long stay in CM. Foolish me! I should have checked here first.

Now I've been in BKK for 2 weeks, and am planning on flying to KL (directly if possible).

I searched this site, and didn't find an answer directly addressing my problem.

The best I got is that you can:

A. Do it at the airport, if you travel during weekends or holidays when the immigration office is closed. But in the post I read this was what someone heard - not actually tried and true. I figure they could always say, why didn't you get it done in Samui before?

B. Do it at the airport if you claim it is an emergency. (I'm going there to visit some doctors to see about treatment).

C. Do it at the airport if they feel like it. Sound like you're totally at the whim of the airport immigration authorities. But it would be nice to arrive at the airport, with a ticket bought in advance, and actually fly to KL instead of being told, "Oh, no! You have to go to Samui!"

Nothing I found mentioned whether I can get a re-entry permit at BKK immigration. Is that something I can rely on?

One way out given to me when I was in CM was to ask a friend if I could use their address as a temporary residence (they said hotels wouldn't work). But I didn't have such a friend in CM. However, I do have friends in BKK that would be glad to help me out. Can this be relied upon?

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


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The airport doesn't seem to check if it is an emergency or not, a few reports so far confirm they just give you one. But unlcear about times they are open or if it is provided 24hours.

If in Bangkok you better try it there first at two locations:



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