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Prices For Standard Jobs And Advice

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Hi there

I'd like to get some unit pricing for some common jobs developing land.

1 Driveway 2.5m wide

a. Concrete

b. Grow-thru bricks

c. fit-together concrete bricks on concrete bed

2 Standard wall 2m high decent quality double-sided render.

3 Price for various dirts, from din dang to din dam, per cu.m. in the Nong Khwai region of Chiangmai (not too far from din dang quarries)

More questions:

if I raise the level of corner part of a rice field do I have to do anything about the clay waterproofing layer under the topsoil or is just fill on top OK?

If I make a pond what's the best but most economical way to keep the water in? (I have an aversion to a plasticated membrane in that I guess someday it will get holes in it.....is that justified?)

If it needs concreting....how much?

If I choose a low wall combined with a row of vegetation behind what plant do readers recommend for security combined with fast growth and looks combined with ease of upkeep/low water requirement?


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