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What Visa? Please Help!

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Ok so me and my friend leave on april 7th for 5 months in thailand, cambodia, vietnam and laos...... we have no idea how long we will spend in each country but our flight departs and leaves from bangkok at the start of april until september...... so im asking what visa do i need to get? I assume it must be a 6 month visa as otherwise they will not like the fact i dont have an outward ticket for 5 months depsite me only staying in thailand for a max of 2 months.

An explanation or some websites or any advice would be great...... also do i need to get a visa for cambodia vietnam or laos? if so where from etc?

Gary and Oli

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Not easy to say without a fixed itinery.

When you leave Thailand your permision to stay will end. When re entering you will get 15 days by land and 30 days by air without a Visa.

You will need a Visa when leaving UK as you may have problems boarding the flight.

Get a Tourist Visa. A single should do but only you know your plans.

You will need Visas to enter the other countries. Apply at Embassies in UK or Bangkok or get at the border. Have a look at their websites for any information.

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Ok say for example this was my fixed itin, what visa would i need....... i really appreciate your help by the way ::)

april 7th - june 7th thailand

june 7th - july 7th cambodia

july7th - aug 7th vietnam

aug 7th - sept 4th laos

sept 5th thailand for 1 day just to get my next flight to new zealand.

are the thai embassies going to let me in on a 3 month visa if my ticket shows im staying for 5 months?


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You did not answer the question which is rather important - what country passport(s) are involved. If a normal visa exempt country the below would work.

Thailand is not interested in your proposed stay and you will not have a problem being here a total of five months.

I am not going to do the math but remember day or arrival and departure count toward the sixty day visa stay for your first arrival.

Single entry tourist visa for arrival and 15 day border visa exempt for any other entry (en route or catch final flight).

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