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Work Boots Or Hiking Boots


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If your looking for quality walking boots/shoes there are a few North Faces resellers around Chiang Mai. Google "North Face Chiang Mai" for locations, I believe one of them is in the Airport Plazza. Excellent products...

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The big Sanpatong Saturday morning market.

All sorts of hiking boots and military wear available there.

If you are coming from the town, drive through the main Sanpatong High Street.

About 3 kilometres up on the Hang Dong road you will see the market. Can’t miss it, packed with people and stalls each side of the road.

The market is on both sides of the road. Go into the part on the right and walk to where all the stalls are.

If your Thai language skills are limited take a Thai person with you, as this is mainly a Thai affair and doubt if anyone there can speak English.

This market opens about 5.00am and most of the best stalls have packed up and gone by 11.00am. The earlier you arrive there the better.

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