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Visa In Laos

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Howdy Yall,

I'm from New Zealand and unfortunately when I popped back to NZ in Dec/Jan the consulate was closed, I had to re-enter on visa exempt, so only got 30 days.

I should be getting a contract for fulltime employment at a school in Maha Sarakham next semester, but they're probably not going to have the paperwork ready for me before I have to leave Thailand (Must leave by 16th Feb), so I'm going to pop over to Laos later this week and grab a tourist visa.

Questions I have though:

1/ When I do get the paperwork from my school for a work visa, how early can I apply for a visa? Like do I need to wait until May just before the semester starts? Or can I apply straight away? (Or like 3 months prior or similar?)

2/ When I goto the Thai Embassy in Vientiane, I need to show proof of funds. Am I able to just show them a wad of cash? Or do I need a printout of my online banking etc?

3/ What time is the Thai Embassy in Vientiane open from? (9am - 5pm, mon - fri?)

4/ When I do get the paperwork from my school for a work visa, to get a work permit, do I need to goto Bangkok? Or am I able to do it in Khon Kaen?

5/ I'll likely be doing a bit of travelling while I'm working, how difficult is it to get multiple entries on a work visa?

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1. When you have the paperwork you can apply - but in some cases part of the required paperwork is a receipt for work permit application (but don't believe teachers have to have).

2. The only proof that could be asked is the normal 20k for non immigrant visa but don't believe anyone is asked.

3. Application is only in morning. Pickup next afternoon. Normal workweek is m-f but both Thai and Lao holidays are observed.

4. You must do work permit at the local labor office. If you qualify for extension of stay that will be done at the local immigration office.

5. Normally you extend your stay for one year at a time and for travel will require re-entry permit before leaving at 1k each or 3.8k multi for full period of extension.

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