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Waterproof Camera


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I have been looking at buying a digital camera that is water/shock proof. So far the following models have caught my eye:

KODAK Playsport - 4,990 BAHT with 4gb memory card

FUJIFILM Finepix XP10 - 4,990 BAHT with 2gb memory card

OLYMPUS Stylus Tough - 7,490 BAHT

Does anyone have any experience with these cameras or recommend one? Or maybe has a better recommendation at a simliar price?

I have gone through about 3 cameras in 3 years whilst living here through either damage or theft so not looking to spend too much!

Many Thanks

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hI JalapenoKid,

FYI: These types of cameras are quoted as being waterproof...but do check to what depth just in case you intend to use it deeper.

There's a few good reviews in particular on YouTube.com...so have a

I'm not sure if this video covers your models above...but i'm sure a search through YouTube & Google with the word 'review' or 'test' would give you good results & advice....


Lawrence Alex Wu

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All my angling friends in Canada have waterproof cameras. Most of us who jumped into the market first bought the only one available... the Pentax W10 to W30 series. They were all pretty good but had a few drawbacks. I still have my W30 and it's okay so long as the subject doesn't move much. The shutter is a little slow and it isn't very good in low light conditions. I've never had any problems with it after 3 years usage and have taken many great photos, but I know its limitations. My friend bought a Canon W10 18 months ago and it's taken remarkable photos down to 10 meters in salt water. The under water photos are mostly better than mine and the low light shots are better. And, the video is much better.

There is a new camera on the market by Lumex that sounds to be impressive.

Check out the replies to this forum I'm connected with. It's all about waterproof cameras.


these were taken by my 3 year old Pentax W30



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I've had my eye on the Kodak PlaySport (Zx3) HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera as it is a simple point and shoot but has a 5mp frame capture so it doubles as a still camera at under $150 in the US. I would get one tomorrow if I could find it here for a decent price. Don't really plan on using it underwater, but nice feature to have for spills etc and the small size/big features seems amazing.

Kodak has always served me well in the past.

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I used to have a Nikonos III which was a gift to me from my dad. Did not get to use it that often so lent it to my brother who is crazy about scuba diving. One observation about underwater cameras is that you spend a lot for the camera but will spend more for the flash equipment.

Some SLR cameras can be equipped with a waterproof housing which you could take underwater. Mind you, the housing could be as expensive as your camera.

Now if your purpose is to buy a camera that won't get busted during Songran, that's a different story.

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I went through this process recently and ended up with the Lumix GF1 in a 10Bar housing. Possibly more money than you want to spend but the result is pretty much bullet proof and the files are awesome.

I use it for stills and video. Couple of video samples

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Canon makes waterproof housings and there are about 15 different models of their cameras that fit the various housings. I use one and have found them to work quite well.

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