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Over the past few years on my numerous trips to Thailand, I have always stayed at KT Guest house in Din Daeng for about 550B a night. On this year's visit, i would love to change the lodging for more convenient one as I need to be closer to all the shopping malls, public transportation, and other amenities. Is there any chance to find a corresponding accommodation at the same price level (or cheaper preferably) in Sukhumvit area or somewhere in the CBD along the MRT routes?

For your reference: http://www.ktguesthouse.com/

Any tips appreciated.

thanks a lot

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Sukhumvit for under 1000? Honey House 2 is about 800 and decent. Halfway down soi 22. Suggest strongly you do not stay Honey House 1.

I don't know if Honey House 2 corresponds with KT or not!

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Suk 11 Hostel on Sukhumwit Soi 11 is a popular place and has lots of nice backpacker crumpet there most of the time.

It's about 6-700 a night.

The Miami Hotel on Soi 13 is also less than 1000B (about 800 I think) but is a little threadbare these days but has a cracking pool and is a fair price for the location.

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