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persian kitten wanted


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Three years ago we bought two lovely Persian kittens in Bangkok useing the Pantip market website.

Unfortunately one of these has disappeared and we believe he has been taken to be sold on.

We are both pretty sad about this and,also,the other Persian cat seems to be fretting about the disappearance of his partner.

So we are thinking of acquiring another Persian kitten but there doesnt appear to be any cats advertised on the Pantip market website now.

Does anyone know of another website where they are advertised ?

We dont really want to go to Chatuchak,if possible,as its a bit hit and miss there.

Thanks for any information.

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I got my siamese from the threpasit market in pattaya. The guy also had many persians. He seems to have persians pretty much all the time. My siamese was very healthy, albeit small for her age. He is reputable and takes care of the animals. I went to him on several recommendations from other people.

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OK....thanks for that.We will actually be staying in Jomtien in a couple of months time.

Presume Threprassit market is on the same side as Tesco Lotus and Outlet Mall.....about 600 yards further down heading towards Jomtien ?

I've actually managed to get somewhere with the Pantip Market site......before I could only find dogs and just one advert for cats......the site is all in Thai......but I've tried a few options and finally found a cats page.

I thought it was odd having no cat advertisments as 3 years ago there were plenty but the link to the page was supplied by another farang.

We will also be spending a few days in Bangkok prior to Jomtien,so I'm sure we will get sorted at either location.

Cheers for your help.

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I saw a lovely Persion kitty in SCAD's weekly thing maybe a few Sundays back. (Soi Cat and Dog Rescue). Try them. As long as you don 't require a formal pedgree, every chance of getting a lovely Persian from them. If they don't have one now, they are bound to sooner or later. Amazing how many beautiful Persian, Siamese and other "brand name" cats and kittens get abandoned.

And from SCAD, the cat you get will be sure to be healthy , fully vaccinated etc.

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