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Retirement Visa

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For the last two years I have used the combination of income and money in the bank for my Retirement Visa, adding up to the 800,000 Baht requirement. I had also topped up my bank account a few days before my visa renewal to make the 800,000 combination. Now it appears that the money has to be transfered 3 months before. I understood that this applied to the 800,000 Baht in the bank option, ( even though I never understood why) but not the combination option. Can any one advise me on this.



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He is British.

No need to have the money in the bank for a set amount of time if using a combination of income and savings. Although there has been the odd report that one or two Immigration Officers interpret the rule different.

(5) Annual income plus bank account deposit totaling not less

than Baht 800,000 as of the filing date of application

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The general national rule is NO money seasoning required when using the combination method. There may be outlier immigration offices not following the national rule though.

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