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Massage Me For Sale


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We considered our old Party Shop location at Ducks Square behind Big C South Pattaya a good location so we have kept the lease on the shop and have almost completed converting it into a simple Massage Shop.

We don't plan to open it, but simply wishing to sell it as a turn key business.

Comes complete with everything, fully air conditioned.

If you are interested, contact us at The Party Shop, details on the attached flyer.


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You considered Duck Square a good location? Are you serious? With literally hundreds of massage shops in pattaya why on earth would anybody try and get to Duck Square for one? Its a dreadful location. If its that good why are you leaving? Im sure you will find someone to take it though, in Pattaya the expression" one born every minute" is unfortunately, a truism.

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Thanks for your replys.

Firstly, The Avenue has been great for our business, sales are great, and we could not be happier.

With regards to moving from Ducks Square, it was always our plan to relocate to a Shopping Centre to test the water prior to us wanting to open 2 more shopping centre locations later this year in Bangkok.

With regards to Ducks Square, might I say that all of the shops in the area facing Big C are 100% leased, and over the past 18 months it has changed dramatically, the old shop location is surrounded by self defence studios, dance studios, kindergarten and more.

The day we put a banner up on the shop saying we were moving, we had 2 people ask us to take over the lease and since then there has been more since, with this interest we deicided to maintain the lease.

With regards to installing a massage shop there, it was because a lot of parents who bring their children to these self defence classes and/or dance and other places there either sit in their cars, mingle outside so we thought that they may appreciate the opportunity to have a massage whilst waiting for their children.

There is also a steady steam of tourist buses that visit the latex shops around the back and front, and these tourists when finished either wander around the complex or go to Big C until their bus is ready to depart.

Sometimes perception becomes reality for some, but we are hands on in both these locations, and 4 months are moving out from Ducks Square, why would we keep paying the rent unless we thought it was viable.

With respect to the person to asked about the lease, the Management there has always operated on a 6 months lease ongoing and there is never a problem renewing leases, some businesses have been there for many years..

Yes, we agree there are many Massage Shops around Pattaya, but this one in this spot is not competing with all of the rest, it is a simple low cost opportunity to serve the needs of the immediate market of other businesses around it, it will never make you a millionaire, but it may be a low cost business for someones family or spouse.

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