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Mamaburger, Jomtien


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You know, in retrospect, maybe I should have known better...

But, I've read a few grab-a-quick-burger-at-night-after-drinking posts, and tonight seemed like the right night for me to dive in and give one a try. So, I stopped at Mamaburger, in Jomtien behind the Hunnuman statue, on my way home.

First of all, the lady was really sweet and meant well throughout the 20 minutes it took to prepare my Mamamburger. To tell you the truth, I think she could have taken all the time in the world, and it wouldn't have changed the results. What the heck do they put in those (beef, right...?) patties... anyway!? Waaaaaaaaaaay to pepper-y for my t-buds! The roll was soft enough- just too thick and doughy. The tomatoes and lettuce leaf were fresh & fine, but the tangled sauteed onions stuck together and came away in a single bite and mouthful... along with just about all of the mayo, ketchup and mustard that were more than liberally doused on both halves of the roll.

Anyway, for 70 baht I got a carefully-prepared, Pepper burger with salad swimming in sauce (was that beef...?).

Mamaburger, Jomtien:

Presentation: 40 (out of 50)

Taste: 17.5 (out of 50)


Overall: 57.5 (out of a possible 100)

Comment: Well intended, but not very good, really... Sorry, I won't be back (burp...).


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