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Cheap Amp For Rear Surround Speakers


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When I moved to my new apartment a year ago, I had some staff put the cables to my surround speakers in the ceiling.

That looks great, but ever since, I have almost no volume (less than 10% I think) in my rear speakers.

I think it is due to the extension cables that I have that probably have a higher resistance and lose all of the volume (I know a few things about audio but I'm not an impedance and other terms expert).

I plugged in the rear speakers into the frontal speakers output and the volume was still at 10% so it's something in the cables. Since all is worked in to the ceiling, I cannot replace the cables.

I think I have about 10m of audio extensions in between (2x5m) ending in cinch connectors.

What is a VERY cheap amp that I can install next to my surround source so I can get some decent sound to the back end speakers. The speakers are simply Creative Labs mounted to the ceiling but are enough for the few times I put a movie on. My surround system is a Creative Labs DDTS-100 (and the speakers came with it).

I was thinking of something like the old turntable amplifiers. It would be great if I can adjust the output.

Any ideas on what and where to get it? I don't want to spend thousands for the 20 movies I watch a year :-).

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I just tried to pre-amp them with my other Creative Labs 2.1 amp. This boost the volume (though too high) and the subwoofer of this set is on as well which I don't want. (no two subwoofers):-).

We're getting closer.. Anyone can make a recommendation?

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There are a lot of karaoke amplifier on the market. very cheap and powerful. Can't tell of the sound quality because I can't hear the difference between a 100 Baht AM Mono Radio sound and a high end HiFi.

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Which receiver / amplifier do you have as your main amp. and where do you live?

There are a few good outlets in Bangkok for second hand stuff of which Mr. Balance on the top floor in Panthip Plaza is one. If your receiver has pre-out you should buy a two channel power amplifier.

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