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Beef Sausages At Rimping Supermarket


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Hi all and we now have our new and high quality beef sausage for sale at Rimping Supermarket sansai mee chok and the other stores to follow this week,This high quality sausage is made with thai/french beef thats been aged 6 weeks (KU Brand) We at Sausage King are selling this in our freezer section in Rimping on promotion for 2 months,Its a great dinner sausage and because the cuts of meat are ground rib eye steak etc,you could eat this sausage medium cooked if you wish,We also have an Indian kebab burger and Indian sausage in store soon.We also will have our Indian curry's back in Rimping stores again this weekend but this time a larger pot of Indian curry with no rice as many of you asked me to do just larger portions of Indian curry with out the rice.rob/sk






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I`m willing to give them a bash with a nice portion of mash.

I`m a poet and didn`t know it.

Are these obtainable at the Rimping near the Airport branch?

And last week there were none of your pies available. I got angry and took it out on the girlfriend. She has 2 black eyes and it`s all your fault.

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Hi and sorry about your girl friend ha ha, the pie do sell out quick at Rimping, yes the beef sausage is in mee chok branch and will be in nim city branch this afternoon,We will be putting in our sk freezer in tops supermarket also. Rob\sk

Will they be available at Tops as well?

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